QLC MEETING MINUTES 07/2016
Meeting called to order by Amy.
1. Discussion/Review of what went well this season:
     a.      Concession stand
     b.      Go with three teams for the 3 / 4 group.  Too many kids in each group, too many rotations, not enough play time
     c.      Change for next year – Recruit more coaches
         i. 8 / 1; players / coaches
         ii. Concentrate on playing time and rotations
         iii. Policy on moving up players: i.e., 2 yrs experience in a league program and be evaluated by coach group
         iv. Lake Placid guidelines on how to evaluate players?
         v. Other concerns
     d.      Stuck playing local teams
         i. Consider 7 /8 team going further away
              1. Fees might be higher, but see other teams
              2. Skills benefits
     e.      Need to gather up a listing of what equipment was given to what coach
         i. Should buy what’s needed at start of next season
2. Plan for Fall Season: Lenny – 7 / 8, John – 7 / 8, Kevin (Smith) 7 /8, Chris 3 / 4, Rich 5 / 6, still need other coaches
     a. Practices similar to this past season
3. Gladiator Games, Falling Leaves, Haymaker; all possible tournaments.
     a. Costs might be higher since they will all be away.
4. Six weeks of practice, start second week in September (12th).
5. Possible winter clinic – skills.  Maybe at Chase or ask for school gym
6. Need to start sponsorship early
7. Change in logo will be needed.
8. Will need to recruit a new President and Vice President.
Meeting adjourned 8:54 p.m.
Attendees: Adam, John, Josh, Frank, Scott, Lenny, Amy, Kevin