Meeting called to order 7 P.M. by Amy

1.      Copies of Agenda* /By-Law Amendments* / Financials* (along with sign-in sheet) passed out to all attendees.

1.1.   See attached*.

1.2.   Introductions of all attendees to the group.

2.      Special Board Meeting held at 6:45 by Adam, Amy and Joyce (the 2015 Officers) to approve By-Law changes to expand the Board to between 7 and 11 members, and vote on the slate of 2016 nominees: Adam Orr for President;Amy Molloy for Vice President; Scott Nussbaum for Secretary; Joyce Sokol for Treasurer; John Deutsch (Apparel Coordinator); Frank Miller (Coaching Coordinator); Melony Longhitano (Hospitality Coordinator); Lenny Conway (5-6 Liaison); Jim Benedetto (7-8 Liaison).

2.1.   Election results as above.

3.      Discussion took place regarding officers of the corporation and the new expanded Board positions and duties (see attached).

3.1.   3-4 Coach - Motion for Jason Miller - Amy, 2nd by Lenny, carried; K-2 Coach - Motion for Cory by Adam, 2nd by Frank, all in favor.

3.2.   Amendment to the By-Laws to have AT LEAST four (4) Board meetings per year.  2nd by Joyce, all in favor.

3.3.   Discussion regarding “members” and “officers” and their respective duties in more detail held (again - see attached for framework).  Written guidelines possibly forthcoming if necessary. All in attendance realize that the number and availability of board/committee members may fluctuate based on the number and make-up of registrants in the program from season to season.

3.4.   Discussion regarding committees and their respective duties/structure and board oversight held.

3.5.   Once By-Laws are finalized, they’ll be posted to the website for all membership to view.

3.6.   Discussion held regarding changing Amendment to Article 2 Section 3 - Board to serve 1 year terms, Officers to serve 2 year terms, elected on a staggered year basis (President and Treasurer, year 1, VP and Secretary, year 2). Any Officer holding an office being unopposed may be re-elected to another 2 year term.

3.7.   Amendment to Article 3 - Motion by Jason, Melonie 2nd, all in favor

3.8.   Discussion on fundraising and “Mat Fans”

4.      Discussion on Financials (Attorney - Miller/Mannix)

4.1.   Joyce went through budget.  Amy motion to accept, Melonie 2nd, all in favor.

4.2.   Scholarship plan handed out and discussed.  Four were awarded last year.

4.3.   Cost of program discussed - $125 + $25 for US LAX.  K-2 $50 ($25 US LAX Fee)

4.4.   Sponsors - engage to volunteers.  Thoughts about field marker signs for round robins; or yard signs; shirts with sponsor logos/names

5.      Results of Coaches meeting

5.1.   Reiterated that we are a “Rec league”, no “A” and “B” teams.

5.2.   Wed. March 23rd Youth Scheduling Meeting 7PM, Ref training coming up; Body Checking at the lower levels is not allowed - no contact 3/4, 5/6 levels of play

5.3.   Table K-2 moving up policy discussion

5.4.   Maybe do a winter clinic - discussion tabled

6.      Registration Start Date - tabled

6.1.   Fee was $150 total

6.2.   Coaches fees were reimbursed; this season will plan to reimburse the $50 fee; motion to leave fees and reimburse coaches for insurance fee - Amy, 2nd Frank, all in favor

6.3.   Hold on Start Date

7.      Vision Statement discussion held which included logo. We need to market and brand it.  Brief discussion with a final decision to table it till next meeting.

8.      Ideas for recruiting new member/players – possibly included setting up a table outside of Dick’s, Meet & Greet with some of the “older” players from school team, Barton building (but would need more volunteers); Amy has pictures from last time which we could post to website. Further discussion tabled till next meeting.

9.      Policies – Coaches try not to have Sunday practices unless later in the day to allow for religious observance.  Additional discussion tabled till next meeting.

10.  Apparel – John D. has a lot of ideas (i.e., Jersey’s instead of pinnies), but needs a budget to work with as well as what style he should be focusing on.  The initial uniform will be issued, but additional items may be offered through website.


Meeting was adjourned @ 8:47.

Next meeting will be after Winter Break.